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Harlem Shake Video Game

4.1 ( 5801 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğlence Macera Aile
Geliştirici: Michael Coats

You have heard of the Harlem Shake, but are you ready for The Harlem Shake Video Game???

It does not get any more wacky than this!

Your name is Charles and you just love to do The Harlem Shake. You do it all day and all night long. You would do The Harlem Shake 24 hours per day if your body did not require you to sleep.

But one day you found yourself in a rough neighborhood of Harlem. The REAL Harlem in New York City! You thought it would be your ultimate accomplishment to do The Harlem Shake in Harlem and get it on video.

Unfortunately the folks of Harlem did not take kindly to you doing your crazy dance in their neighborhood and they are chasing you out.

Now it is time for you to run for your life.

You have to check this game out and save Charles!